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About us


            Guardian School – A unique concept wherein toddlers are admitted at the age of 1.5 years and pass out of the Primary years by the age of 6 with 5 -10 Juz (Para) of the Quran memorized, InshaAllah. Admissions have started for the school. Guardian School aim is to make our children a Guardian of Al- Quran. We provide formal education with an “Islamic Perspective” giving children a clear concept of Islam encouraging good deeds and forbidding evil. Our academic education is at par with leading Schools in India. We not only tell stories of Prophets (pbuh) but also teach about Duaas and Salaah in such away that it becomes the part of their daily life.

        School years is critical period as far as formal education of a child is concerned. Children in this age group think qualitatively different than adults. Their thinking process is in formative stage. Concrete experiences and reflecting upon these experiences with the help of adults provided scaffolding to children’s thinking. Thus activities with concrete objects are central to the methodology of School education. He broad objectives that will be emphasized for the Schoolers (nursery to senior kindergarten)

  • The curriculum will focus on the holistic development through activities facilitating cognition, emotional, social, creative, language, mathematical and physical development.
  • It will focus on hands on experience for children along with field trips, special days, culminating activities and learning through exploration.

We are all special and unique. Children love to celebrate themselves. Children come to School with feelings, abilities and knowledge that they are anxious to share.The focus will also be on language & literacy skills and math. The topics and activities are appropriate for three to four year olds. The concepts are presented as learning.

Admissions Open !